Our Blog is Moving!

Our blog is moving to techservicesIL.wordpress.com! Campus IT and Educational Services (CITES) is changing its name to Technology Services at Illinois. Learn more about the name change here.  Check out our video to learn how the name change fits into CITES’ larger goal of better serving customer needs for dependable service and inspiring technology news.   […]

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Soohun Lee

Who: Soohun Lee Degree: General Engineering Expected graduation date: May 2015 Likes: Tennis; cats; Mexican food Dislikes: Working out; Engineering Time employed with CITES: 1 year Main job at Technology Services: Computer support (helps people in classrooms use the provided computers as well as use their laptops with the projection system) One new skill learned while working for CITES: “Troubleshooting. But […]

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CLIP: The future of 3D Printing

Tara Ibrahim, Mechanical Engineering As a heavily consumer based society, the methods of object fabrication are constantly changing in order to become more efficient and cost effective. One relatively new method of creating objects is 3D printing, a method that developed a little over 30 years ago. What is 3D Printing? Since its inception, 3D […]

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Why Learning Spanish is Worth It (And How Technology Can Help)

Marcos Camarillo, Sociology and Spanish As you most likely already know, understanding an additional language can open new opportunities that your monolingual friends are excluded from. With the USA predicted to be the largest Spanish-speaking country by 2050, here’s why I think taking Spanish is vital for our generation—especially with the evolving technological advances. Being […]

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Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher

Who: Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher Degree: Literary Studies, Creative Writing Expected graduation date: May 2015 Likes: Sunlight; baby polar bears; bookstores Dislikes: Socks with holes in them; sleet; lukewarm soup Time employed with CITES: 2.5 years Main job at CITES: Phone support (responds to calls and emails from faculty, students, and staff, helps people in classrooms) One new […]

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