Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher

Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher
Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher

Who: Muriel Kenfield-Kelleher

Degree: Literary Studies, Creative Writing

Expected graduation date: May 2015

Likes: Sunlight; baby polar bears; bookstores

Dislikes: Socks with holes in them; sleet; lukewarm soup

Time employed with CITES: 2.5 years

Main job at CITES: Phone support (responds to calls and emails from faculty, students, and staff, helps people in classrooms)

One new skill learned while working for CITES: “I learned how to talk on the phone with people. I didn’t know how to do that before working here. And employers really seem to value that. People of my generation haven’t really been taught to talk on the phone as much; email is where we work things out. So working here has given me that ability, and it’s that ability that helped me get an internship last summer. I didn’t list my CITES job on my resume but mentioned that I worked phone support during the interview and my potential supervisor got very excited because talking on the phone is not a skill that many people my age have.”

Favorite memory of working at CITES: “Eating delicious Papa Del’s pizza at the Student Appreciation Lunch. It’s nice to be able to get together with all your co-workers and chat. It helps that everyone who works here is so great!”

Goal after graduation: Working at a publishing company.

Would recommend working here to a friend?: “Yes, and I have!”


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