Jane Kim

Jane Kim
Jane Kim

Who: Jane Kim

Degree: B.A., English

Expected graduation date: May 2015

Likes: Pasta or cheese or any combination thereof; Broad City; cooking with an obedient companion

Dislikes: Toy Story (ask her why sometime, it’s very interesting); bellybuttons; overly-sweet desserts

Time employed with CITES: 2 years

Main job at CITES: Phone support (responds to calls and emails from faculty, students, and staff, helps people in classrooms) and social media support

One new skill learned while working for CITES: “Proper office etiquette and particularly how to communicate with a lot of different people through email and on the phone.”

Favorite memory of working at CITES: “My favorite memory of CITES will be the phone support shifts when the day is winding down and my coworkers and I chat about our day and about anything interesting. It’s a good example of the office’s great dynamic.”

Goal after graduation: Communications or consulting

Would recommend working here to a friend?: “Yes, and I have. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. And honestly, really great management in terms of student supervision and how student employees are treated.”


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