Soohun Lee

Soohun Lee
Soohun Lee

Who: Soohun Lee

Degree: General Engineering

Expected graduation date: May 2015

Likes: Tennis; cats; Mexican food

Dislikes: Working out; Engineering

Time employed with CITES: 1 year

Main job at Technology Services: Computer support (helps people in classrooms use the provided computers as well as use their laptops with the projection system)

One new skill learned while working for CITES: “Troubleshooting. But this job really helped me fulfill my career goals. Junior year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I got an IT internship because of this job I had here, and my full-time job is also an IT job so it all started from working here.”

Penelope the pug
Penelope the pug

Favorite memory of working at CITES: “Playing with Penelope [Ashley’s pug who would come to visit occasionally], eating pizza at the Student Appreciation lunch, and all of the many times when faculty were really thankful for my help.”

Goal after graduation: Full-time position with Epic.

Would recommend working here to a friend?: “Yep.”


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