Why Learning Spanish is Worth It (And How Technology Can Help)

Image courtesy of https://lingos.co/blog/stats-on-the-spanish-language/
Image courtesy of https://lingos.co/blog/stats-on-the-spanish-language/

Marcos Camarillo, Sociology and Spanish

As you most likely already know, understanding an additional language can open new opportunities that your monolingual friends are excluded from. With the USA predicted to be the largest Spanish-speaking country by 2050, here’s why I think taking Spanish is vital for our generation—especially with the evolving technological advances.

Being in high school, Spanish was something I’ve always practiced with a passion. From speaking with customers at the auto parts store I used to work at to ordering my meals in Spanish, I realized becoming fluent would put me at a huge advantage.

Too often have I heard people talk about taking Spanish but not remembering anything about the language after years of no practice. With new technologies and advancements, learning Spanish can be as simple as downloading an app on your smartphone. Awesome apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are changing the game with how people are learning languages. Creative intensive programs introduce units based on certain themes of the language such as education, work, and medicine.

There’s a wide array of opportunities open to multilingual persons. From being able to communicate with foreign patients in the medical field to abroad business careers, additional languages are always preferred. Too frequently is English presumed to be the official language of the USA, but there is no official language. With that in mind, Spanish is the third most prevalent language in the world, ahead of English, and is only expanding in popularity.

Spanish has changed much in America like the media, college course of study trends, travel experiences, and much more. News programs like CNN Español are rising to challenge programs like Telemundo. Also, numbers of Spanish majors/minors in universities are on the rise. This goes to show that our culture is already changing into a more bilingual country. Not only is our culture evolving, but the language itself is changing too. With “Spanglish”, a mixture of Spanish and English, a new dialect is created that further increases motivation to take on the language—even if it’s just the basics.

Overall, Spanish is increasing in popularity and the multitude of ways to learn the language provide enough encouragement to at least download an app—especially since it’s free! So the next time you visit your smartphone’s app store, make sure to look at the different language educational programs. Whether you like it or not, Spanish is here to stay and the comprehension of this romantic dialect can only benefit you with more opportunities than you can imagine.


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