Collaboration Tables Bring Students Together

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We at CCME believe pretty strongly in the importance of physical space to higher education. For instance, here’s a post I recently contributed to CITES ATS’ blog, on how innovations in physical space–like exchanging individual desks for collaboration tables–harness technology to improve student performance and teach skills essential to thriving in our brave new world.

Innovations in software are amazing, and allow us to move education into the 21st century. But software cannot do it alone; indeed, nothing can really accomplish anything alone. Cooperation, coordination, collaboration–these are the means through which we find learning happens best, skills get developed, and jobs get done. As such, we were pleased to introduce collaboration tables–a hallmark of Active Learning Classrooms–to campus. Collaboration tables are communal seating arrangements that generally contain multiple laptop connections and a large display device that shares the projected image with the group. We installed one in DCL and were very pleased to discover students using the table to work together on a project!

Thanks to Rich Furr for snapping the pictures!


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