Own Your Tools: A Short Guide to Productivity in the 21st Century

Technology is a Blessing and a Curse. From philosophers-stone.co.uk
Technology is a blessing and a curse. From philosophers-stone.co.uk

As the end of the semester creeps up on us, students are finding ourselves short of time to accomplish all of our studies. As an attempt to aid everyone’s yearly chaos, the following tips offer up small, yet effective, methods to open up some free time in your schedule.

1. Create A Habit

Most students tend to wake up and check their social networking sites, emails, etc. Although I’m sure you’re missing a lot of exciting and groundbreaking news, try to step away from that habit. Instead, begin your day creating a habit that increases productivity until the habits become automatic. This may be awkward at first, but not as awkward as puberty. (Promise.)

2. Turn Off All Of Your Device Notifications

It is safe to admit you will never keep up with all your online/social interactions and that’s okay! Instead of keeping up with notifications (email, texts, Facebook, etc.), choose a dedicated time for when you are going to respond and pay some attention to your notifications. Some people may choose 30 minutes every few hours or an hour a day. It is important to remember that you do not owe anyone an immediate response. Your friend telling you about their daily bathroom trips can wait.

3. Slow Down, Think, and Breathe Whenever You Feel Rushed

This last one is obvious but most people forget this one. When you rush you cause more stress, when you stress you try and rush more. Instead take a moment and slow down, think, and breathe. Commonly, when you don’t take a moment to relax, more stressful situations occur, such as dropping coffee all over your pants before a presentation.

So what are the main take-aways?

  • Take the time out of your day to figure our what habits make you most productive
  • You are the boss of your own time
  • Very important for us at CCME: You control technology, technology does not control you!

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