Jacob Nicholson

Jacob Nicholson, B.S. Physics, 2015
Jacob Nicholson, B.S. Physics, 2015

Who: Jacob Nicholson

Degree: B.S., Physics

Expected graduation date: May 2015

Likes: pizza; watermelon; cats; otters; Netflix

Dislikes: overused memes; capitalism; the necessity for sleep

Time employed with CITES: 2 years

Main job at CITES: Phone and computer support (responds to calls and emails from faculty, students, and staff, helps people in classrooms, helps support ticketing system)

One new skill learned while working for CITES: “People-oriented skills. At first I was nervous about answering phones, but after gaining experience, I no longer get nervous. I’m comfortable talking to people.”

Favorite memory of working at CITES: “Working customer service, there’s some down time while waiting for the phone to ring. My best memories of CITES are the moments of debate that happened during this down time. The wide range of majors and interests of the employees here sparked discussions in a wide range of topics that were then approached from a wide range of perspectives. They were always civil and always interesting.”

Goal after graduation: Teach for America.

Would recommend working here to a friend?: “Yes. It’s a comfortable environment.”


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