Notes From the Field: Caterpillar Event on Campus

Caterpillar Logo
Caterpillar Logo

Maya Villa, Communications & Latina/Latino Studies

I was the student special event operator for the Caterpillar event held in MSEB 100 on 2/3/15. I set up the equipment and supported it through the event, so I got to see firsthand how technology–what Caterpillar presented through and on–made this event possible.

Not only did they rely on the ITS system in the room such as the LCD projector and an advanced PowerPoint presentation, they also introduced the amazing new equipment that they have developed as a company through futuristic-esk videos. Caterpillar has new equipment called Command that incorporates autonomous, semi-autonomous and remote control systems in equipment for dozing, hauling, longwall, and underground work. The autonomous systems completely remove the need for human machine operators since they are controlled through a computer control system, similar to a real life, heavy duty remote control car. However, although they are programmed and controlled from another system, they are programmed with a special system that allows them to determine rules of the road, safety, and the best way to navigate through a task.

Other than their amazing new technology that is safer and more efficient for the world of construction, they also emphasized their values, opportunities, and culture as a company. They took pride in their values of integrity, accountability and courtesy. These values were expressed not only in the presentation but through the friendliness and enthusiasm that the speakers brought to the event; even I wanted to work for Caterpillar at the end of the presentation.

Secondly, they have a vast amount of opportunities for college students for internships and future careers in areas such as communications, technical services, engineering, and accounting. Another interesting thing about careers with Caterpillar is that you do not work in the same area for your whole career: you are constantly learning new things in new fields different than one that you were in a few years prior.

Finally, not only was this event entertaining, educational, and delicious (free pizza!), they brought in a fun aspect with a video of their equipment doing something that you might not expect…


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