Welcome back, Sp15!

Welcome back, #illini! CITES CCME has made a lot of great changes to general assignment classrooms on campus over the break, and we’re excited to show them off to the campus. As this post finds you mid-way through the second week of the Spring 2015 semester, hopefully you’ve seen some of them already! In case you haven’t yet, though, here’s a brief rundown of changes we’ve made to enhance the teaching and learning experience here at Illinois:

  • Updated the ITS equipment and lectern in Greg 100:
  • 10 partial-ITS classrooms now have resident PCs. The following rooms in Gregory Hall and Loomis no longer require lugging a laptop in to use the projection system:
    • Gregory 111
    • Gregory 205
    • Gregory 215
    • Gregory 217
    • Gregory 307
    • Gregory 311
    • Loomis 137
    • Loomis 139
    • Loomis 143
    • Loomis 147
  • Some of our long-standing student employees have graduated and gone on to careers in education and technology, among other fields. We’ll miss them!
  • Our blog has returned from its winter hiatus, and we shall soon be regaling you weekly with research, opinion pieces, and general updates on the state of edtech at Illinois and around the world.

We look forward to another great semester serving the AV/IT needs of the campus community!


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