iPhone vs. Android: The Question of Our Age?

image courtesy of http://www.askmebest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/iphone-vs-android.jpg
image courtesy of http://www.askmebest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/iphone-vs-android.jpg

Diamond Thomas, General Studies

iPhone vs. Android may be the most talked-about controversial argument among tech enthusiasts in the modern world. With technology becoming more and more advanced and important to human survival (many may think), choosing the right cell phone is a huge decision. With cell phones being the primary source for communicating among a large percentage of youth, it also increases the burden of choosing the right one. Of course, iPhone users believe that iPhones are better and Android users believe that they are the best, but which is really better? One may never be able to completely say that iPhones or Androids are better because there will always be a bias for people who are Team iPhone and Team Android.

An article by Sam Costello, an iPhone/iPod expert, argues that iPhones and Androids both have great features, but if looked at closely, there are thirteen specific differences between the two. He goes on to list them as well as explain in detail how they differ with each device. Although he states in the beginning of his article that “Thirteen of those differences are examined here to help you decide whether an iPhone or Android phone is right for you,” he seems to steer readers toward iPhones for reasons like hardware and app selection.

Of course, the choice is ultimately the buyer’s. It depends on what you specifically like for your cell phone to have. Whether you like small screens or huge screens used to be one of the major differences in iPhones and Androids, as well as the instant messages iPhones have. But screen size can no longer be a difference thanks to the evolution-via-borrowing seen in the iPhone 6.

So has the controversial argument of the century been solved? Where do you stand?


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