Apps To Know: QuizUp

QuizUp Logo
QuizUp Logo

With the school year starting back up again, it’s time to make the transition from the relaxation of summer to the taxing efforts that come along with each semester. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise your brain after a long break from school, but educational games can get your brain back up and running while having fun.

QuizUp is a free app that pits you against other users from across the globe in quiz challenges. The game show-like format of the app keeps users entertained while also exercising their brains.

The  most attractive features of the app is the wide range of topics you can choose to be quizzed on. This app doesn’t just host broad topics like “World History,” “Mathematics,” and “Sports,” but instead goes into detailed sub-categories within the obvious major topics. For example, it’s rare to find a quiz game (let alone an app) that goes into such depth in categories such as “Sports” that a user can discover a “Pro Wrestling” sub-topic to be quizzed on. The list of topics is impressively large, with topics ranging from “Mean Girls” and “Woody Allen” to “Interior Design” and “Greek Mythology” to “U.S. Politics.” In addition, each topic a user wishes to be quizzed on has a wealth of questions that way they rarely come across old questions they know the answers to.

The app’s point-based reward system also gives users incentive to keep playing and accomplish goals. Many parents spend money on educational video games like LeapFrog to keep their children entertained while also growing their knowledge; however, QuizUp provides a vast level of educational quiz challenges for free. So while you may be grasping on to the final days of summer, trying to avoid the frantic school year at all costs, QuizUp provides you with an even balance between growing your knowledge and being entertained.


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