Apps to Know: Meijer

Meijer appGoing off to college is arguably the biggest transition in a young adult’s life. But the real experience of living independently comes when a student leaves the dorms.

Among many things, students become responsible for paying bills, taking care of their home, and buying their own groceries for the first time. There’s no way around the hundreds of dollars it costs to pay rent and utilities, but the small things add up too: $10 for lunch here, $10 for dinner there. Paying for small items may become easy to ignore and without a set meal plan, a student’s limited experience can lead to overspending on food. Providing for oneself is a major responsibility and students should take all the help they can get. On-campus options become expensive with inflated prices because students either don’t have other options or don’t know any better. Off-campus grocery stores, such as Meijer, offer apps without coupon clipping abilities and customer reward systems (“m-Perks”), which can help keep students’ budgets open and stomachs full.

Every day you can clip hundreds (yes, hundreds) of coupons,­ from fresh meat to frozen foods. There’s no limit on the amount of coupons you can clip and you can even sort the list of coupons to easily find those with the highest value for your shopping trip. The Meijer app will also inform you of multi-day sales specials, like this weekend’s “July 4th Sale” which takes $5 off of a $50 trip. Students may not spend $50 every time they go grocery shopping, but with a super store like Meijer, a student may purchase a larger item (i.e. a box fan to help get through the summer heat) that raises the bill.

By chipping away at the price on individual items, the whole financial budget for groceries is easier to manage for students. Even if it’s just $0.50 off a box of cereal, the change will add up. Money management is one of the most important lessons learned in a student’s college experience and in a time when coupons are available in all forms of media, from newspapers to apps on your phone, a college budget is becoming easier to handle.


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