The Importance of Programming in Today’s Industry

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As we find ourselves in an increasing technological age, coding has seen a huge boom in popularity in the past decade and continues to fuel the ever-changing face of technology. Harnessing the knowledge of a powerful programming language allows one to turn innovative ideas into usable products, and is a major factor in why so many start-up companies have seen success over the past few years.  With the increasing need for more information at faster rates, we also see a rise in cloud computing and a dependence on web services by casual and corporate users alike. It seems like everyone is trying to adapt to the technological boom to stay relevant in today’s culture. Therefore, I believe that everyone should make an effort to learn the basics of programming. Not only is it an interesting hobby, but, because of its practicality, programming can also have priceless benefits.

We find that, with the new-found emphasis on web computing and modernization, companies are actively searching for employees who know how to design and create infrastructures for their own businesses. This job market has boomed in the last decade, and many of these new positions offer incredibly competitive salaries. However, contrary to the popular belief that these career opportunities are open to only computer science fanatics, these positions can often be filled by your average Joe with an enthusiasm for programming. People nowadays can learn vital coding skills and languages for free online, through services such as Codecademy,, or Treehouse, and can sometimes learn enough to start a new career for themselves. Learning foundational skills for database design and management or user interface design are highly sought after in today’s job market, and these skills don’t require four years of schooling either.

Writing code is also vital to many of the start-ups we see today. New marketable ideas are being formulated every day, but making them a reality used to pose so great of a challenge that these ideas would never leave the brainstorming stages. However, with so many powerful programming languages today on so many frameworks, we have to realize that knowing how to utilize the right languages can often make the impossible seem obtainable. Multi-million dollar ideas like Facebook and Twitter provide enough proof that if an idea is powerful enough to influence our daily lives, then the effort to write the idea into reality is worth it. Think about it: if a potential product is that good, then someone’s going to make money off of it one day.


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