Introducing CITES CCME’s Audit Data Manager

CITES CCME's newest application, the AQAV Audit Manager
CITES CCME’s newest application, the AQAV Audit Manager

Data management–the collection, organization, retrieval, and use of information on a large scale–is an integral component of work in the twenty-first century. CITES CCME is committed to building better, more efficient ways to store, curate, and utilize data, particularly as it relates to AV standards, which are crucial to follow for sound classroom and conference design and installation. As such, our team members collaborated to produce the AQAV Audit Manager. The lead developer, computer support student Priteesh Shahi, gives us a brief tour of the tool below.

The continued use of a variety of educational technology in physical spaces–namely, for us, classrooms and conference spaces–has led to developments of AV standards which need to be followed when installing and inspecting a classroom or conference technology setup.  The CCME Audit Data Manager (ADM) website offers a simple yet powerful replacement for audit forms, checklists, and data that had to be managed through Word or Excel sheets.

Search interface for audit questions
Search interface for audit questions

This website uses many of today’s best open source web development technologies, including PHP5, MySQL, HTML5, and others, to make an interactive database for use by technicians in the field.  This website also includes up-to-date security standards, such as using email verification codes and secure hashing algorithms.  The interface itself is based on iAuditor, a software for Apple OS, using tables to display data and dynamic entry systems for questions and answers.  The questions are stored in a virtual database that can be edited through the website by administrators and are based on the standards developed by CITES CCME and InfoComm International. 

Project view
Project view

What makes the website an improvement upon the Excel sheets is its global accessibility and dynamic content.  You can add, edit, or delete any questions from database as needed, whether it be project specific or a new standard.  The website also allows you to create a template of questions for recurring setups or projects. Since all the data gathered is stored in a database, it can be queried in numerous ways and presented to an individual’s liking.  The website and its code has been made open source to allow for others to adapt the website to their own needs.  The use of this website is to provide efficiency in an IT office environment where information is in abundance without the proper cutting edge tools to keep it all sorted.


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