Apps to Know: CU Buses

CU Buses App
CU Buses App

This is the first in a series of ours entitled “Apps to Know”, designed to familiarize C-U residents with technology that make life as a student–indeed, as a human–more enjoyable.

As a regular purveyor of CUMTD, I often try different bus apps on my phone. They save me time, effort, and lots of grief. The trouble with most of these apps is that they often lose connection to the server, rendering the app unusable.

But I’ve found amazing success with the app, “CU Buses”. This app has everything. It plans your trips for you and shows how just how many buses are coming and at exactly what time. Best of all, the “CU Buses” app almost never loses connection to the server. It’s reliable and handy and there for you when you need it. I personally use this app every day. As I wake up, I check “CU Buses”. As I run out the door, I check “CU Buses”. As I walk out of class, I immediately check “CU Buses” because I know I can trust it to get me to the buses on time.

I personally rely on it every day as a daily app. As soon as I wake up, I check the “CU Buses” app for my 5 Green bus to take me to the Union. I shower, change, eat, and run out the door with five minutes left to catch the bus and I almost never miss it due to my reliable “CU Buses” app. After a long day of classes, I run outside and check my “CU Buses” app in order to catch the buses at the Union.

“CU Buses” is incredibly reliable and handy. I use it every day to help me run my life. I use it to plan out my day. Without “CU Buses”, I honestly don’t know how I would go about my day. I recommend downloading this app and using it to make your time as a commuter easier!


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