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Want to be a whiz at Photoshop? What about learning how to program in PHP? Or how about mastering WordPress?

Thanks to CITES, you don’t have to choose! Everyone affiliated with the University of Illinois now has access to is an industry-leading online training library with in-depth video tutorials on nearly every technical subject, from using Adobe Suite to mastering…name some software that starts with a Z. Best part? If you have a NetID, learning is totally free. That’s a savings of $375/year.

If you’re affiliated with the University of Illinois, click here to start learning with!

The internet is an amazing place. It’s entertaining (hello, cat videos) and informative. It is also deeply existential, or rather, it promotes existentialism by bringing you into contact with new ideas not just about the world, but about yourself.

I recently took advantage of Illinois’ collaboration with and scoured their library, comprised of 73,000 tutorials, to find interesting stuff. In the process, I found out some information about myself, which is great because this was way cheaper than back-packing through Europe, and I came back with some valuable titles you might want to check out. Here’s what I learned.

I’m not as tech savvy as a I thought I was

Grandmother at a computer - What My Computer Sees
What My Computer Sees

Essentially, I thought I knew everything about my iPad that I’ve had for a year, but apparently I didn’t. Thankfully, there are plenty of videos on lynda that teach older folk, as myself, the ways and mechanics of new age technology.

Watch the iPad tutorial here:

Prezi isn’t useless

Prezi Vs. PowerPoint
Prezi Vs. PowerPoint Used To Be a No-Brainer

After countless miserable class presentations, my opinion of Prezi is not very positive. In fact, I would consider myself anti-Prezi. However, when I saw a two-and-a-half-hour tutorial about Prezi, I had to see if there was more to the program than just fancy transitions. (I’m a big fan of clip art and Powerpoint’s fade transition. A really big fan.) As it turns out, the program is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be used for uses such as mind mapping, creating infographics, and even collaborating with co-workers.

Watch the video here:

I should stop wasting time on the internet (aside from learning on

Internet - Magical Land of Infinite Scrolling
Internet – Magical Land of Infinite Scrolling

While there is nothing I love more than scanning the internet, I can admit I probably spend a little too much time on it. Doing so, I often find my self passing the hours procrastinating rather than doing my homework, applying for jobs, or attempting to do anything productive for that matter. Luckily, has an answer. From learning the fundamentals of time management, to acknowledging the myth of multitasking, I gained valuable information on how to separate “you time” from “work time”.

Watch the video here:

Log in with your NetID and AD password to get unlimited access to the entire library.


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